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Experts on topics that affect parents of teen

In these videos, a physician specialized in public health, a nutritionist, a pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine, a sexologist and a social media specialist answer questions on various subjects that are at the heart of your concerns. Their answers will allow you to discuss those topics with your teenager to help them in their development.

Substance use among youth

Theme : alcohol and drugs – The use of psychoactive substances, such as alcohol or drugs, is a subject that concerns many parents. Dr. David-Martin Milot, physician specialized in public health, explains how to address this issue with your child.

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Teens and sugary drinks

Theme : eating habits – Sugary drinks are particularly popular with young people. As a parent, it is normal to wonder about their effects on the health of your child. Julie Marcil, nutritionnist, answers your questions and gives you some tips to help your teen drink more water.

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Teenagers and sleep

Theme : sleep – Does your teen sometimes seem to sleep too much and sometimes not enough? Dr. Sébastien Bergeron, pediatrician specializing in adolescent medicine, explains what you need to know about sleep in adolescence and, above all, what you can do to help your child!

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Online security tutorials

Here are some tutorials to help you configure certain settings on your teen’s smart phone, but also on yours! 

Tutorials for iPhone
Tutorials for Android

Online security

Theme : online security – Since your teen has a smart phone, are you worried about their online security? Do not panic! Catherine Dufour, social media specialist, tells you about some important features to know.

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Screens, your teen and you!

Theme : screen time – Is your teen often stuck to a screen? Don’t worry, you are not alone. An expert answers questions about the use of screen.

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Talking about sex with your teen

Theme : sexuality – Talking about sex with your teen may be intimidating for many parents. Our specialist give you advices on the best way to address this issue with you child. 

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How is your teen's mental health?

Theme : mental health – The changes of adolescence combined with those experienced in the recent years can affect your teen’s mental health. Our experts tells you about what you can do to help your child.

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Family meals are often the best time to discuss and share our experiences.

In the short videos below, you can meet the Pépin family during dinner, when every meal becomes an opportunity to have sometimes serious and often humorous discussions about topics that many families with teens are experiencing.


New school, new challenge

Theme: Friends – Sam is worried about starting his new school. His family does everything they can to help him.

iPhone, iPad, iDecide!

Theme: Screen time – At the Pépin’s, screens aren’t allowed at the table. Mom makes sure this rule is respected even when her teens criticize her.

Hard, hard math for Sam

Theme: Mental health – Sam is discouraged because he got a bad grade on his last math test. His mom tries to find solutions with him.

OK, boomer!

Theme: Friends – Sam and Mimi talk to their dad about one of their rapper friends who performed at school. Their dad shares his prejudices toward their friend…

Ease up on screen time

Theme: Screen time – Mimi spent most of the night on Netflix. Her lack of sleep catches up to her at dinner…

Secret project

Theme: Mental health – Mimi has agreed to do a special project with her mom, but with basketball practice, homework and exam time coming up, she is having trouble managing her stress.

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