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Author: Agence SQU4D

Adolescence is a critical period when it comes to experimenting with smoking. Most adult smokers will tell you they started smoking during their teen years. Hence the importance of preventing smoking in teenagers and of helping teenage smokers in their

Vaping has become very popular with teenagers, who too often do not realize that e-cigarettes can contain nicotine. In addition to its powerful addictive properties, nicotine is known to alter brain development in teens, affecting memory and concentration.

As a parent, you want your teen to feel comfortable and take pleasure in exploring their sexuality, free from any health risks, negative influences (pressure, sense of obligation, threats), discrimination, or violence (physical, psychological, or sexual).

The prevalence and severity of violence among teenagers cannot be denied. Whether it is online or offline, violence in the form of rumours or exclusion (indirect aggression) is just as bad as punches and threats (direct aggression). The many consequences

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